I think everyone used to think about how good it would be to get rid of the ubiquitous, annoying cables. With many devices, it has been a long time, and in the case of others, more technology was needed. For a long time, it was not possible to transmit wirelessly without significant loss of quality. Now, thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP support and aptX and AAC codecs, you can get a sound quality that’s almost as good as a CD. This standard is increasingly being supported by smartphones, and these also allow wireless music streaming, also in CD quality. It’s a good time to buy a bluetooth headset review, but you need to know a few things.

Getting rid of the cable has some negative sides. First of all, it is necessary to charge the handset batteries or replace the batteries, not every equipment offers a long working time. Secondly, such a transmission will load more battery of the phone. Although the new Bluetooth standards have reduced power consumption, wireless transmission means increased power consumption, especially for higher quality music. Cells are additionally loaded with streaming from the Internet. Third, cable headsets at the same price offer better sound quality.

Apart from the battery issue, it is also important to remember that you can not go very far from the hardware that plays the music. “Leash” so – despite the lack of cable – still exists. It’s just invisible. However, the advantages are great. The cable no longer bothered in the pocket, does not mess up, does not catch on clothes, will not accidentally pull the headset straight on the concrete pavement. The operating interface is located directly on the headphones – no need to look for a remote control on the cable. Bluetooth headsets are more functional; They often have more options, such as active noise attenuation. They also offer a cable connection when the battery is broken – this is a “2 in 1” purchase. In addition, in Bluetooth mode, the handset is not dependent on the quality of the signal from the player. So you do not have to worry about buying a new sound card, player or better smartphone.

This is not a small expenditure and very cheap to buy a very good quality headphones, but up to $150 is already a lot of choice.

Which choose?

Sony SBH80

Unusual Bluetooth headphones – intrusive. It is also not a complete release from the wires, because the SBH80 has a built-in neck strap from which the wires are routed to the headphones. There is a battery, switch and an NFC sensor. The control panel is placed on two sides on the wires: one handles conversations, the other music. Headphones are comfortable, very small and nice – it’s a nice matte black. They sound very good – modern but still quite universal. They have underlined bass, they enjoy a lot of music enjoyment and they also deal well during conversations (they have two microphones). Their shortcoming is quite a short music playing time, which is six hours. You need to charge them on average every two days.

Jabra Move Wireless

Very neat earbuds available in black, red and blue. Design is unusual and headphones are minimalist. Sturdy – solid headband with non-staining material, rigid and rubber dome. Headphones look very aesthetically. On the head lie well, slightly oppress the earlobe, but may not win with the noise of the city. The control panel consists of three buttons in a single form, one multifunction and volume control. Headphones can also be used for cable, but wireless offers eight hours of music playback. The sound is clear, has underlined bass – there are some qualitative drops, but for that price there is nothing to complain about. Headphones are fun, they have a dynamic sound – they add energy in motion.

JBL Synchros E40BT

One of JBL’s novelties, extending the successful Synchros series. The E40BT is an enclosed headphone with powerful, rich colors – available in red, white, black and blue. Headphones have folded dome, but there is no cover or case in the kit. The control panel is on one cover – the volume buttons, the multifunction button (music and conversation control) and the ShareMe feature – music can be forwarded to the next E40BT. The headphones sound very good, warm, with a slight emphasis on the bass, but without cutting the diameter. It’s pretty natural sound – the E40BT does not tire. It may interfere with the strong tension of the headband.


JBL has a solid representation in the range of Bluetooth headphones. The J56 BT has a closed, earmuff cushion ear cushions, not large. The dome is folded and the case is a thick neoprene case. Control is simple – one of the lids has hidden volume buttons that are only highlighted and the multifunction button. The right number of clicks triggers a specific function. The sound has a strongly underlined bass, it is sleek and massive – it will look great in new or popular sounds.

Noontec Zoro Wireless

Wireless version of the hit Zoro from a young producer who already has a solid market place. He strongly inspired the Beats Solo, but Zoro sounded better. The Wireless model is available in black, red and white. This is a closed-up and fold-down earmold, which is pretty damning. Included is a case for earphones and wiring. Control is simple: the change of tracks corresponds to the dial on one handset, for the volume control knob on the other. Zoro Wireless sound great, the sound is even, clean and universal. Headphones look modern, but they also handle jazz, acoustic or film music. They do not tire the sound, and the signal quality is very good. Up to 20 hours of battery life.


The latest headphones from AKG, the higher model Y series, which was designed by the designer. Design is a strong element of headphones. The design is ebony, closed, very neat – it is hard to believe that there are 40 mm transducers there. Headphones are lightweight and comfortable, have very soft ear pads. Control buttons, multifunction and volume control are located on one dome. Headphones are folded flat and broken into the headband, and the case is a carrying case. The sound is very good, but specific – darker, with underlined bass, dynamic and engaging – works well with the look of the headphones.

The above examples are just some of the interesting wireless headphones. It is worth to look at the listings mentioned and other brands, such as Sony. The level is often aligned, you have to decide whether we care about functionality, tone or appearance. Wireless headphones for $150 may, however, lose with cable tones, so demanders need to prepare a larger sum. Up to $400 can now be found at the same time great sound and comfort.